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Fiber Optic Internet Providers

Fiber optic Internet—a form of broadband technology using fiber optic cable—has grown in popularity in recent years. It is becoming the new standard as residential customers and businesses shift away from other connectivity options. The need for higher speeds, better connections, and unlimited use is always increasing, so the number of providers has grown to meet customer demand.

Internet providers offer competitive rates on high-speed fiber optic service, even without a packaged bundle. The best providers are those who offer you the bandwidth and speeds you require at an affordable price. Once you know what type of service plan you need, call and compare rates to find reasonably priced fiber Internet in your area.

Benefits and Advantages


Fiber optic technology offers faster speeds over much greater distances than copper-based technologies, such as cable and DSL (digital subscriber line). To transmit data, light is used, as opposed to electricity. Therefore, all those bits and bytes essentially travel at the speed of light.


Compared to the older technologies, fiber Internet is future-proof, capable of supporting exponentially greater speeds. Because there are no metal cables to be upgraded or replaced, existing fiber optic connections will support the broadband velocities of the future.

Data Transfer

Fiber optic broadband is the fastest Internet available and the data capacity is vastly greater. Users can transmit large quantities of data quickly. So whether you’re streaming music, watching a movie, or video chatting, it’s unlikely that you’ll experience interruptions, endless buffering, and pixelation.

Things You Can Do with Fiber Internet

Connect Multiple Devices

While plans vary, virtually all fiber Internet packages offer high performance, always-on broadband Internet. With an increased data capacity, you and others in your household or business can connect multiple devices. And you can do that without slowing each other down. It’s no problem to have a smart TV in one room, a connected laptop in another, and various tablets or phones accessing the Internet, all at the same time.

Stream Media

Whether you’re watching HD movies, listening to music, playing videos or gaming, streaming online is fast and seamless using fiber optic technology. You can enjoy all your favorite media with much less buffering and lag time. This is desirable if you’re using the Internet to entertain yourself—and particularly so if you’re engaging a group of people. Get a fiber optic package, and you can host the big game with confidence!

Be More Social

Your video chatting and social media activities are enhanced with fiber optic connectivity. Upload bigger photos, share high-quality videos, and much more on your favorite social networking sites. Keep in touch with cherished friends and family while sharing more of your life with them.

Availability and Coverage

Pricing, speeds, network coverage, and accessibility vary by region in the United States. When first brought to market in the 2000s, Internet using fiber optics was only available in a few major cities. Currently, it’s available in many metropolitan and suburban areas. But rest assured, fiber optic Internet is becoming more and more common in other places, every day. Many providers offer network maps where you can check to see which services are already offered in your area as well as those coming soon. Call to learn more about availability in your area and order the fiber optic plan that’s right for you.